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A collection of 19 short stories covering avariety of styles and stories. I was curious to learn how to build and publish a book through Amazon's portals. I did not realize until too late that doing so limits the distribution possibilities. I don't recommend doing what I did. This book gets lost in the shuffle.


Some reviews:


Against the Current: Little Ripplings and Spumings is undoubtedly a feast for the heart and soul. It is a layered and intricate collection from a gifted wordsmith and one which I enjoyed reading.

Hollywood Book Reviews           


The stories are narrated in both first and third person and often revolve around minor plots that become significant moments in a person's life. Something interesting caught my attention was the

range of emotions exhibited by the protagonists – some expressed guilt over an instance, others yearned for something more significant, and many were nostalgic accounts of youthful moments

and loved ones. In the grand scheme of things, we often forget what makes us who we are, and through these small anecdotes, Adams reminds us that insignificant moments are also significant.

Pacific Review


This beautiful collection of stories compels reading again and again. My first reading concentrated on the engaging stories ranging from raucous humor to deep introspection. Subsequent readings revealed new subtleties and the elegance of the writing. It is a rich lode deserving of much mining. If there is one thread running through most of the stories, it is each protagonist's hauntingly familiar self-reflection and emotion in encountering challenging events and relationships – that is, in going "against the current" of life.


A wonderful find! The srtories are ashort but I don't recommend speeding through them. I've never met the author but I'm left with the sense I've just spent an evening conversing with him. I think this will stick with me a long time.