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As Time Goes By

A bittersweet and reflective story about getting older.
Everyone at one time or another looks back on past events and wonders. Wonders at themselves and who they were, wonders at other people, or even what might have been. In 'As Time Goes By' by W. Royce Adams, our elderly male main character and narrator, finds his memories and thoughts slipping away, urging him to try and remember who he is, "Squinting into some memorable windows in my life before they all fog up" and whether anything he's done has had a lasting impact.

Formatted like a memoir, the reader follows Old from his childhood to the present tense, struggling to understand the mob lynching he sees as a child on a journey through the south, to the hormone induced confusion of adolescence, relationships with family and friends, time served in the Navy. In all the ups and downs, confusions and complexities of life. I'm sure that a lot of people have thought about the legacy that they'll leave, and Old is a relatable and open character in which to explore this concept. I liked the style of writing, Old regularly professes himself to not be a good writer but the result of his minimal fluff narrative is an open and approachable story that draws you in as though you were a fly on the wall in Old's living room. He tells his story without the need to make himself a hero, and 'As Time Goes By' feels like listening to an old friend. There are philosophical musings which feel perfectly placed in a book that focuses on life and death, and the context makes the narrative feel bittersweet. A poignant read that I'm sure will inspire a reflective mood in those who read it.

From LoveReading/UK



 As Time Goes By takes us on a journey through the terrain of a fascinating life in direct, inviting prose and a welcome sense of play, even as he faces hard truths and existential questions.
This arresting memoir bursts with life, insight, and an infectious love of jazz and writing.



Plagued by questions of narcissism, existentialism, and identity, Old is a contradictory narrator who both insists on his significance and denies it, offering up memories of his childhood, Navy service, love affairs, and professional life in unembellished prose. Awash in nostalgia, this book offers a misty-eyed look back at childhood from the vantage of old age….Even so, the author imbues each chapter with the essence of the past, painting a vivid portrait of American boyhood in the 20th century.

Kirkus Reviews


Old age can be a pain for men, literally speaking, but Adams puts a lovely spin on it with this story.

Essien Asian/ Readers Favorite 5 Stars


As Time Goes By is a book that will leave a long-lasting impression on the reader as it teaches a valuable lesson about human nature and the meaning of not just life in general but one life in particular.

K.C. Finn


 A work of fiction so well written, you will think it's non-fiction.

Steven Rosenstein/York College/5.0 out of 5 stars


The book, As Time Goes By, is a valuable read filled with lifelong learning that is precious enough to hold on to forever. This book gets five stars.

Meghan Soderholm


As Time Goes By is a wonderful novel thanks to the poignant moments as well as the unpredictable nature of the book that will have the readers turning the pages with haste from beginning to end. 

Aimee Ann/Read Headed Book Lover 5 stars


Entertaining tales are gathered in the novel As Time Goes By, in which an octogenarian reviews colorful events from across his long life.

Karen Rigby/ Clarion Reviews