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A collection of nine stories dealing with male protagonists at various stages in life who experience events that leave either a psychological or physical memory scar. The stories cover dilemmas such as struggles with family loyalties, guilt after catching a shoplifter, suffering the loss of a loved one, the inability to forgive, and the breakdown of a professor while teaching his class.


Old, in his late eighties and failing, asks himself, "Besides just another relic of time, who am I-- really?" Concerned with what life has given him and what he has given it, Old begins writing his memoir using what he calls "windows into his life." Each segment recounts a particular time in his life when he received an epiphany: the aftermath of a lynching as a young child; struggling with family loyalties; his introduction to homosexuality; his first crush; meeting an ostracized teenager who becomes his life-long friend; how his college educational experience changed his life; his enlistment and experiences in the navy during the Korean War; his experience of marrying too young; his career as a freelance writer; travel experiences and their effects on his life; finding lasting love; his painful experiences struggling with cancers and the effects of medication;; and his ultimate understanding and acceptance of his life as he nears the end. 


Short anecdotes, drabble, fables, musings, and short stories


When Molly Doogan asks her father to tell her a story, their combined imaginations create a mysterious, timeless land they call Rairarubia, unaware of what they have done.



Concerned for their daughter, Molly Doogan's parents have stopped the story telling she and her father started about Rairarubia.


Molly and her friend Netty respond to a desperate plea for help from Rairarubia.


Book 4 in the Rairarubia series, finds Molly Doogan and her friend Netty Parmet must return once again to Rairarubia in time to rush back a mysterious bird egg before it hatches in Molly's room. There they discover a traitor has trained giant birds, Germerkles, to carry off animals and children. In an effort to save Rairarubia from the traitor, Molly is forced to tell her doctor mother her secret and bring her mother to Rairarubia.


Thirteen-year-old Geri and Jay try to find a place to cool off so they seek Blue Pool, a dangerous, off-limits area. The two discover adventures they never bargained for as they foolishly hop a slow freight train to take them up the river road, accidentally start a grass fire, and soon find themselves being chased through a unknown cave by two men willing to do anything to keep the teenagers from telling what they've discovered. The adventures bring them one step closer to maturity and acceptance of responsibility.


In this sequel to ME & JAY, 16-year-old Jay Thornton is orphaned and "catches out" on a freight train to avoid placement in a foster home and discovers hunger and physical dangers.

The Computer's Nerd

Bullied and mistreated by three schoolmates, Arthur thinks the computer he receives from his parents containing a strange program called The Game may be the answer to his problems. But how does The Game know so much about Arthur and his tormentors?And why does it want to help him? Forced to keep The Game a secret, Arthur finds himself caught in a growing web of lies and deceit. Then The Game begins to get too dangerous, and Arthur finds himself in even bigger trouble and faces a moral dilemma.